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Why would you choose Polyhouse?

So, if you’re here you’re probably wondering what are the unique attributes of Polyhouse and what advantages do we offer over the very few others designing and building Manor Houses under the Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code.

What we’re doing that is quite different from any of our competitors is to put duplex, triplex and fourplex development within the reach of families, investors and housing providers who have no prior development experience.

You probably already know that Manor Houses can be approved via CDC (complying Development Certificate), which means that you don’t need to run the gauntlet of a Development Application with your local Council, which can expose you to additional time, risk and cost.

We've spent more than two years pre-designing a number of arrangements suitable for approval across NSW and a range of site dimensions and orientations, but our offer goes well beyond just these time saving advantages.

So what is Polyhouses’s unique offer?

Polyhouse is a one-stop shop that optimises time, cost and quality by combining the above time saving benefits of pre-designed housing solutions and complying development approval (CDC) with prefabrication. This potent combination offers the ease, certainty and cost efficiency of project home delivery, but for multi-unit housing.

We've prepared a timeline (below) comparing Polyhouse’s approach with a conventional Development Application process for a similar project.

As you can see, the savings in time are significant, reducing the project timeline from years to a matter of months.

So what are the other benefits?

Polyhouses are built with in-situ concrete slabs on ground and factory built timber framed panellised wall, floor and roof panels making up the balance of the construction.

Site works and prefabricated panel preparation are built simultaneously, effectively halving the construction period. Off-site manufacturing achieves greater quality as well as greater material and cost efficiencies that are simply not possible on site.

Prefabricated panels are built locally in our off-site manufacturing facility well protected from the unpredictability of bad weather and rain.

Lock-up is achieved within a couple of days of delivery and erection of the prefabricated panels on site, with some minor finishing, joinery and wet area completion following lock-up.

We are constantly improving the environmental credentials of Polyhouses through the specification of energy saving, renewable and carbon mitigating materials such as sustainably sourced timber, plywood cladding, bamboo flooring and energy saving lighting and appliances. We have a range of materials and products on offer to suit particular project requirements.

Polyhouse offers greater value and certainty to clients by providing well designed and built housing without clients needing to appoint multiple parties to fulfil their redevelopment needs.

So the question is not why would you choose Polyhouse, but why wouldn’t you?

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