About PolyHouse

Polyhouse is a project home company unlike any other. We deliver project homes containing more than one home. Designed by Redshift Architecture & Art, PolyHouses will change the way people think about building their home and developing their land.

PolyHouse was established by Redshift Architecture & Art to deliver better housing for more people. PolyHouse Project Homes will accommodate up to 4 homes in a number of configurations, suiting a broad range of home owners, residents and developers.

Working closely with builder Ages Build Redshift has developed PolyHouse designs to utilise prefabrication and economical construction technologies. The strategies developed will ensure PolyHouses can be built quickly and efficiently, minimising construction time whilst delivering a high quality of build and finish.

PolyHouse designs will meet the requirements of the new Low Rise Housing Diversity Code in New South Wales which permit Complying Development Consents (CDC) for Duplexes, dual occupancies, terrace houses and manor houses. Providing certainty with substantially reduced approval times. PolyHouses may also be able to be approved under the standard Council DA processes.

Housing for more.