Who will PolyHouse Suit?

PolyHouse is for those that can imagine a future building and living in extraordinary homes that give more.

Happy Family with Pets


PolyHouses suit families. They've enormous potential, especially our Manor Houses: Parents looking to downsize and help out their kids buy a new home; Generations of families wanting their own space, while living close to the grand kids, families with elderly independent parents, all in their own home and on the same block; Groups of friends wanting a more affordable way to get into the market, teaming together to collectively building their own homes; the opportunities to embrace PolyHouse as more affordable alternative are broad.



PolyHouses represent a great opportunity for investors to embrace their potential as a small development model. Investing in PolyHouse development is an attractive option, with shorter timeframes, known costs and development certainty (under a CDC). PolyHouses built to sell, will have relatively short timeframes from investment commitment to return on investment. As an asset built to rent, PolyHouse is an equally attractive option, with a higher quality build than many apartments and low ongoing maintenance costs.


Housing Providers

PolyHouse would suit many Housing Providers: affordable housing providers, non-government providers, community providers, and the like. The variety, quality as well as the speed and certainty provided by our model, should present attractive options for providers. All PolyHouses meet the Silver Livable Housing Design Guides and many could meet the Gold level requirements. All designs are capable of customisation to meet specific provider needs.



PolyHouses will suit first time, or small, developers looking for an easier development option. PolyHouses will reduce any concerns around approvals, timeframes, design, costs and the like. The CDC approvals process in comparison with the Development Application process, is a more attractive option. Delivering greater certainty and shorter development timeframes, from the initial commitment to completion. Development can be challenging and risky, PolyHouse reduces the challenges and the risk.