The Advantages of Building a PolyHouse

​Quality | Cost | Design | Choice | Speed

A more affordable alternative to a single house or a more friendly alternative to compact living than an apartment, the PolyHouses will change your mind about where you want to live or what you want to build.  PolyHouses are designed to substantially reduce the time from commitment to receiving the keys to your new home or development.

PolyHouses have been designed for approved with a Complying Development Consent (CDC) under the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code in NSW. The CDC approval pathway, teamed with prefabricated construction, ensures PolyHouses can be completed within short timeframes. From commissioning to receiving the keys on a new home can be potentially completed within a year’s timeframe.

PolyHouses are high quality, economical and will suit a variety of residents, investors and housing developers. Redshift have developed a number of project home plans meeting the CDC requirements of the SEPP, ensuring certainty and speed of approval.

Housing Choice

Manor Houses: have three or four homes within a single two storey building. Their great attraction is the opportunities they present: suitable for families, intergenerational housing, co-housing, downsizing, or any other manner of choices.

Terrace Houses: the traditional two storey row house form updated, wider, brighter, more generous, and more flexibly configured. Suits larger sites with longer frontages.

Dual Occupancy & Duplex: a more compact two storey two home version of the Manor House, either side by side or one up one down or two detached dwellings. Offering similar housing opportunities as the Manor House on smaller sites.

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Redshift Architecture & Art has worked closely with builders Ages Build to develop designs to take advantage of both existing and new building technologies. Designed to utilise panellised or volumetric prefabrication, Polyhouses will be rapidly erected on site, to a factory finished high quality and with less mess and waste. We are continuing to develop the houses to take advantage of new construction technologies such as CLT and panellised prefabrication. Where site access is restricted, PolyHouses can be built using conventional construction.


The commitment to quality goes beyond construction quality (see Construction above). Each PolyHouse has been designed to maximise the amenity of every dwelling: ensuring every dwelling maximises access to sunlight, natural lighting, is readily naturally ventilated, may be furnished in a number of suitable configurations, rooms generously sized in a compact footprint and many many more improvements over standard project homes. Sustainability is integral in all considerations in the design and construction of the PolyHouse and we’re working hard to further improve the sustainability of our homes.