About PolyHouse

We deliver project homes with more than one home

Building for the first time can be challenging and confusing.

We are here to make this process easier for you.

We believe that it should be easy for everyone to build a beautiful, well designed home.

Project Homes for the Missing Middle

Designed by Redshift Architecture & Art and built by Ages Build

poly- | ˈpɒli |

combining form

many; much: polychrome | polygon

from Greek polus ‘much’, polloi ‘many’

house | haʊs |


a building for human habitation & delight…

The Advantages of Building a PolyHouse


Quality | Cost | Design | Choice | Speed

A more affordable alternative to a single house or a more friendly alternative to compact living than an apartment, the PolyHouses will change your mind about where you want to live or what you want to build.  PolyHouses are designed to substantially reduce the time from commitment to receiving the keys to your new home or development.

Video footage courtesy of Reflections 

PolyHouse Suits...

...people who imagine a future building and living in extraordinary homes that deliver more.

Happy Family with Pets


Downsizing, Intergenerational, Helping the kids, Co-Housing.



Build to rent, Build to sell.


Housing Providers

Affordable Housing, NGO's, Community.



Build with approvals in place, short turnaround.